At the Macksville Memorial Aquatic & Fitness Centre, we offer a modern fully-equipped gym and fitness studio that is convenient for both residents and commuters alike.

We believe that keeping fit and healthy should never feel like a chore. So with this in mind, we offer a place where you can move, sweat and connect within yourself or with others.

We are known for our feel-good, energetic and fun-filled group fitness classes, where you can sweat in a high-intensity class; or get ‘Zen’ in a relaxed stretching class.  

It is our goal to create a positive approach to health and fitness. Our programs and classes are modern and feature workouts that are regularly varied. We are not a big city gym, so when designing our group fitness timetable, we maintain a core range of “Classic Classes”, that are supported by a series of high rotational classes to offer freshness, new experiences and most of all, something for everyone.

Our Fitness Centre Staff are lead by arguably the most likable man in fitness, Matt Evans.  

So if you need something more in your life, and wish to progress your fitness and well-being, "than come-on-in and speak with our Fitness Team".


woman and weights